About Us


To provide our graduates with a solid academic foundation that will enable them to pursue and succeed in an IT career. We emphasize the acquisition of theoretical knowledge on the acquisition of basic software programming skills and the development of soft skills through examples and practical exercises.

Our vision is to prepare and motivate students for a constantly changing world, instilling in them a desire to learn, logical and analytical thinking and self-confidence.

Basic values


We appreciate every student, member of our team, and encourage open and honest communication. New opinions and ideas are welcome from all team members, and these ideas help us shape the way we work.


We listen to our students and offer the most innovative solutions. We embrace new ways of working in an ever-changing environment. The teaching process is oriented towards practice, teamwork, soft skills development and interview preparation

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We treat our students and clients with respect, building relationships based on mutual openness and honesty. Constantly exceeding expectations is how we develop.


We refuse to compromise on quality. We are an enthusiastic team working in an energetic environment. We are always looking for talented people who are eager to reach their full potential.

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