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You learn from scratch

Regardless of the professional specialization, for everything you set out to do, all you need is determination, perseverance, a desire to learn, logical thinking, analytical thinking and self-confidence. The rest you learn from us!

The learning process

The teaching process is oriented towards practice, teamwork, soft skills development and interview preparation. Emphasis is placed on the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, on the acquisition of fundamental software programming skills and on the development of soft skills through examples and practical exercises.

You learn from the best

Skill Up trainers are experienced programmers. With over 5 years of experience in the IT industry, they are passionate about education, eager to help you outdo yourself every day. Looking for ways to motivate you to study continuously

You are not alone

At any time you will receive feedback, you will know if you have learned the basics or if you still need exercise. Monitoring progress is done with the help of daily homework, intermediate exams and end-of-module exams.

Programming courses for beginners

You don't need any other experience to get a job in IT


What are the students saying?

Skill Up teachers are with you, answering any question even outside of class. Their desire to make you understand can be seen. br If you like to write code and you manage to develop an algorithmic thinking, you can handle the courses with flying colors.
Catalin Baltos
Catalin Baltos
As a mother of two, I wanted to make a change in a field with a more flexible schedule so I could work from home.
About the course I can say that the emphasis is on the practical side, with many real world examples that make understanding the concepts much easier.
Alexandra Dumitru
Alexandra Dumitru
A friendly environment, excellent for collaboration and interaction with colleagues and teachers. I can say that I liked the care that the teachers put in for each student.
Following the courses of the University of Bucharest, Mathematics-Informatics department, I had some of my theoretical knowledge, but the Skill Up courses helped me to better organize my information and to understand what my employer expects from me.
Vlad Alexe
Vlad Alexe
Attending a non-technical human resources college, I always got in touch with technical people who came for interviews. I heard about SkillUp from a candidate who came to the interview and attended the academy. He too had no technical education. br I was curious. After finishing the discussion with that candidate, I decided to find out more details. br I doubted I could understand what programming meant. But after the Database course I managed to get a job as a junior SQL Developer
Alin Balcic
Alin Balcic

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